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What kind of interaction do you prefer?

A monologue
Dialogs, sure!
And that's how most of the 5,000 messages come at us every day. Personally, I feel like I don't even notice them anymore.
Moreover, the mobile screen is simply too small. Most websites show the same information as on the desktop. Only relevant messages have a chance with me.

And that's where DiALOGiFY comes in. The main advantage of interactive and personalized chat dialogs is to build bridges from a touchpoint to a call-to-action.

Sure, me too! The main advantage of interactive and personalized chat-dialogs is to build bridges from a touchpoint to a call-to-action.
The natural flow of a chat dialog makes it a much better experience for us because we are used to the messaging format of SMS and WhatsApp anyway.

I can see why
Please go directly to the eBook

By the way, I'm Dominic's digital assistant, co-founder and CEO.

Are you sure that you do not use an email management system for newsletters?

Yeah, people prefer simplicity over complexity
People love choice — but not too much
People only remember an experience based on its peak and its end-point
People prefer relevant, personalized messages
People are scared to try new things — unless everyone else is doing it too
Every customer journey is unique and therefore every communication. Times where we just publish all information on a website or show the full assortment available are over. Personalisation is key.

Exciting. Go on!
That’s why we developed alongside the functionalities of the dialog automation also a playbook for how to apply it in a world where customer centricity becomes key.
May I ask which marketing CRM software are you currently using?

SAP Marketing Cloud
Marketo, Adobe Cloud
Dynamics 365
Other software
And how many contacts are registered in your Marketing CRM?

< 1000
1000 - 4999
5000 - 9999
10000 - 49999
> 50000

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On which mobile phone number can I call you?
And when is the best time to reach you?
What's your first name?
All right. I'll call you on the number {user.PhoneNumber}.
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Cool, I'd love to
Not interested
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Thanks again and see you soon!

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